rise of the Dragon - mandala

This mandala radiates the vibration of the sacral chakra (svadisthana chakra). Our second chakra represents a joy of life, a harmonious sexuality, a creative creativity and the creative flow of life in harmoniously swinging form. The spiral in the form of scales shows a dragon's tail, which represents the ascending kundalini energy. The kundalini energy is often seen in the form of a rolled-up serpent resting in the first chakra. As it ascends, it snakes its way through the chakras in the sushumna (energy main channel) to the crown chakra, where a union takes place between the individual self and the cosmic self. The end of the dragon's tail passes directly into a circle that represents the infinite, the unity. The awakening of the Dragon Force helps you to live and experience your very own potential creatively, powerfully and unconditional love.

  • suitable for creative rooms
  • dragon force
  • awareness increasing s
  • acral creativity
  • kundalini energy