The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means circle. The colors, symbols and forms reach our subconscious mind in depth and thus "dock" to previously unconscious faculties and skills, potentials and undiscovered knowledge. We dive for example By means of meditation (Tratakam) in the pictures, they help us to rediscover all that knowledge in us that lies dormant within us. We develop the release of our own self-healing powers, our vibration can increase, which causes us to let go of old, no longer useful parts. Each picture has its own special meaning, which is described in more detail. Depending on the state of consciousness and intention of each individual, the images can be perceived differently. I want the images to help you increase your own vibration and the vibration of your spaces so that you can increasingly recognize your true nature in you.

The Mandala pictures were intuitively painted on canvas, photographed and are available in my fine art Shop as  prints, Pictures,  postcards, textile products and a number of small and large gifts. The detailed descriptions and topics of each mandala can be found under the respective mandalas (see navigation bar).