Creativ power - mandala

The Mandala "Creativ power" affects our first two chakras (root or muladhara chakra and sacral or svadisthana chakra). The topics of the root chakra are: vitality, power of life, survival, security, physicality, standing in the ground and grounding. The themes of the sacral chakra: are: flow of life energy, channel for the creative energy of life, experiencing the world, liveliness, zest for life, emotions, lust, sexuality, creativity and creative power. The focus of Shri Yantra is male cosmic energy (Shiva) and female energy (Shakti). The mantra in the circle is called "Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam, Siri Wahe Guru". It comes from kundalini yoga and helps you to connect your energy with the universal, creative energy. Furthermore, it supports the awakening of the kundalini energy.

  • suitable for creative Rooms
  • root and sacral Chakra
  • creative potential,
  • force, kundalini Energy
  • grounding, stability