The "oceandream" mandala allows us to perceive the dolphin energies strongly and touches our entire being. It appeals to the true being in us and transpires our shadows. It reminds us of the ease and joy deep inside. The symbolism, which is predominantly represented by spirals and circles, reminds us of our lemurian roots and lets deeply hidden, old (healing) knowledge awaken in us. The energies of the mandala have a calming, uplifting, balancing effect and, among other things, resonate with the fifth chakra (throat chakra or vissudha). The throat chakra represents topics such as self-expression, truth, higher self, communication, integrity, authenticity, and inter-dimensionality.

  • suitable for sleeping.-living rooms, practice and office space
  • throat Chakra
  • ease, joy
  • lemurian energies
  • calming, balancing
  • cosmic Consciousness
  • soothing moon energy