Power of  chakras - mandala

This mandala shows all the chakras in their harmonious balance. A chakra is an energy vortex / wheel that represents a junction of the physical body and the astral body of a living being. The colors and symbols associated with each chakra can help to bring the own chakra back into harmony. (root-red, sacral-orange, solar plexus-yellow, heart-green, larynx-light blue, forehead-blue, crown-purple). Furthermore, the chakra wheel is also symbolized by the torus, in the center of which all the waves come together to unite. He can help you to be aware of your own harmony, which may be demonstrated by more life energy, higher consciousness, and increased vibration. -

  • power, energy
  • for creativ.-living spaces suitable
  • kundalini Energy
  • vibration-increasing
  • balancing disharmony