kundalini shakti-mandala

This mandala especially appeals to our root and sacral chakra. It can help you to rekindle and get your Shakti energy (active female primal force of the universe) in you. This applies to both men and women. With the help of this power, you will be able to live and experience your potential more easily - visions and ideas can be implemented creatively and according to your own way. All this can happen with ease, joy and dedication. The spirals stand for the river, the Vorwärstbewegung, the flower in the middle for the seat of kundalini in the pelvic cavity. The kundalini Shakti energy refers to that inner power that consciousness can raise, thus transforming the shadows in oneself and transforming them into uplifting energies.

  • suitable for creative and living spaces
  • root and sacral Chakra
  • kundalini Energy
  • creative power
  • active female elemental power
  • implementation of visions, ideas
  • joy-life 
  • vigor