Healing harmony of light - Mandala

The symbols of this mandala help you to remember your very own potential. That which you have always been and always will be - a being full of love, light, harmony and purest consciousness. Memories of ancient Egypt may be recalled. The flower of life is considered a strong protection.- as well as a force symbol. The eye of horus helps you awaken your third eye, activates the pineal gland, giving you more clarity and a strong and conscious attachment to your higher self, your own light and divine presence. The colors red, orange and yellow are root for the lower 3 chakras.- sacral and solar plexus chakra. The root chakra helps you to ground and stability. Yellow and orange outweigh and nourish your solar plexus and your sacral chakra, which, among other things, stand for ego-identity, a healthy ego-strength, yes to life and creative creativity.

  • for sleep.-, creative.-, living rooms suitable
  • rooms where energetic and manual work is done (massage, energy, physiotherapy, ...)
  • solar plexus and sacral chakra
  • higher self
  • flower of life
  • wisdom of ancient egypt