Anahata - mandala

The energies of Mandala's "anahata" allow us to immerse ourselves deep in our hearts and help us to better perceive, to feel and to be able to act more and more from the heart. Protective walls that we have built around our hearts through fears, pains, sadness, .. can be slowly illuminated by the energies of the mandala. Our heart is allowed to expand and become wide. The mandala works on our 4th Chakra (Heart or Anahata Chakra), whose topics include love, self-love, compassion, trust, surrender, pain, sadness, forgiveness and karma. The mantra in the circle is called Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram The Guru, by Yogi Bhajan, brings healing on many levels of your being.

  • for practice rooms (energy, massage, healing work), sleep.- living rooms, children's room suitable
  • works in offices harmonizing
  • healing heart Chakra
  • compassion, harmony, forgiveness
  • love self
  • unconditional love