This mandala can help to find your place on mother earth, activate your place in the earth grid, and resonate with the spirit of the place. It nourishes our heart chakra, which stands for devotion, acceptance of everything, unconditional love, compassion among others. The heart connection to mother earth (Gaia) may be strengthened and nurtured again. The basic structure consists of a torus, in the center of which all the waves come together to unite. Our heart muscle, the terrestrial magnetic field, the earth's grid of earths also have the shape of a torus. He can help you to be aware of your own harmony, which may be demonstrated by more life energy, higher consciousness, and increased vibration.

  • suitable for all practice rooms, living Rooms
  • has a harmonizing, calming, balancing effect
  • gives stability, support
  • heart Chakra (anahata)
  • heart connection to mother earth
  • soul connection