angels of light-Mandala

The energies of this mandala help you to awaken the angel within you. Especially the angels of love and joy help to make your own light shine in you. The color pink swings in the new time also in our heart chakra, which may open for the strongly vibrating christ energy to live and experience joy, love, devotion again increased. The flower seeds in the middle symbolize the divine spark of light, the ever-growing flowers show that the rays may expand outward. So it is with our own light, which partly slumbers undetected deep within us, in order to rediscover our entire being. This light shines from within and touches those who are ready to rediscover and awaken their own spark of light.

  • christ Consciousness
  • heart Chakra
  • angel of love and joy
  • is enlightening, uplifting
  • suitable for children's rooms, surgeries, bedrooms and Living rooms
  • flower of Life