Kuan Yin-mandala

The mandala Kuan Yin represents the energy of ascended master Kuan Yin. Kuan Yin is the goddess of mercy, women and children, grace and compassion. It helps us find love for all that is within ourselves, to unleash the power of the heart, to let forgiveness happen, to experience mercy and to live, so that we too are ready to ascend at the end of this journey. With their help, we can free ourselves from any karma, in a very gentle and loving way. The mantra in the circle (Namo Pu Erh Kuan Yin) also acts as a protection against negative energies and helps us to look behind the veil of illusion to more and more of our shadows to be able to solve. The symbol in the middle represents the holy trinity. Suspended in rooms, the energies are highly uplifting, transforming and serve as protection against negative energies. The mandala works on the 6th and 7th chakra (forehead or ajna chakra and crowns or sahasrara chakra). The head chakra is assigned the following themes: soul, mind, intuition, inner guidance, divine inspiration, presence, clarity, clairvoyance, visualization and telepathy. The themes of the crown chakra are Unity consciousness and divine guidance.

  • suitable for bedrooms, children's rooms, living Rooms
  • forgiveness compassion
  • Transformation
  • protection
  • expansion of Consciousness
  • divine Leadership
  • unit